“Let thy garments always be white
Custom Made to Order Garments

Men’s Linen Stripe “Little Tent”
Open Caftan on the Side

Tie Wrap Skirts
Stylish and Practical for the Modern Hebrew Woman

Button Caftan with Sash
Long or Short Sleeve, Short or Long Length

Royal Outer Tunic
Ancient Israelite Inspired with Mandarin Collar

Customer Service Number
Call (508) 474-YHWH (9494) for Help with Your Order

Women Hood Caftan

Choose from long or short length

Men’s Collar Caftan
 Professional Hebrew Attire

Ancient Hebrew Israelites in Captivity
Notice how they wear their fringes & Blue Borders on the Hem

Kingly Cape
100% White Linen with Fringes & Blue Borders

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