Yahs People Wore Turbans – How to tie turbans;

Yahs People Wore Turbans – How to tie turbans

Exodus 28:40 And for Aaron’s sons thou shalt make coats, and thou shalt make for them girdles, and bonnets (turban or head gear) shalt thou make for them, for glory and for beauty.


Bonnet in Hebrew
migba`ah {mig-baw-aw’}

Usage in the KJV: bonnet 4

Total: 4

  1. turban, head-gear

The Kipa


History of “Jews” wearing Turbans -

“Newcomers to Hebrew have to learn that the Hebrew word for “to wear” (labash) can be used for most garments, but a different verb must be used to indicate the wearing of a hat: habash. The verb actually means “to wrap” (and is the root of the word for “bandage” for example). Its origin dates back to a time when the only thing a well-dressed Jew would be likely to be wearing on his head was a turban, a long piece of cloth that would have to be wrapped around the head.

It appears that among the Jews of Babylonia the turban was felt to have special spiritual efficacy. It is told of one rabbi for whom the astrologers had foretold a life of crime, that as a counter-measure his mother insisted on his wearing a turban at all times. Once during his childhood, when it accidentally unravelled, he found himself unable to resist the temptation to take a bite at someone else’s dates.

In general it seems that the turban was viewed as the distinctive mark of Torah scholars, who saw their wearing such a head-covering as a sign of special piety.

Ancient Hebrew Apparel

“Finally, concerning apparel made of fabric, turbans or caps were worn on the head. Linen headdresses, twisted as turbans were common for men (pe’er, livyah), wealthy women (pe’er), bridegrooms (pe’er), and priests (migba’ah) (Ex. 28:40; Isa. 3:20, 61:10). Pe’er is the most common word used for a turban. It denotes a garland about the head, yet by extension means any covering, and is also used in the sense of adornment. In the beautifully poetic verse of Isaiah 61:3 pe’er is also used in the sense of beauty. “Give unto them beauty (pe’er) for ashes…” Two other words karbela (Dan 3:21) and tabuwl (Ezekiel 23:15) denote a turban but are only used once in the Bible each. As for women mitpachath (Ruth 3:15; Isa. 3:22) and radiyd (Song 5:7; Isa. 3:23) describe a veil or shawl worn over the head.”


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