Cotton Men’s Vest with Tzitzit Fringes (Customize Color, up to 47″ Long, Embroidery)


100% Cotton with a Clasp Closure.  Choose size, length & color. Fringes & ribbon included & embroidery options too.


  • THREAD: Cotton
  • COLORS: White, Black, Stone
  • SIZE: xsmall to X large ($67.75) or 2x to 5x ($74.25)
  • LENGTH: 35, 37 or 47
  • OPTIONAL FRINGES: none, 4″ Tzitzit Fringes included
  • OPTIONAL RIBBON: none, or Violet included
  • Strong's Concordance (6737) Tzitzit = Lock, Tassel. Numbers 15:38 "Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes (Tzitzit means Lock=knotted Tassels or Bullion Fringes) in the borders of their garments throughout their generations," We recommend Tzitzits to be worn throughout the corners & hem of the garment as Ancient Israelites wore them, not only in the corners as the Jew-"Wish" people wear them. Fringes must be a locked or "tzitzit" (tied, or twisted lock). I will not offer regular unknotted fringes. I also have removed gold polyester fringes as it is a false practices many not knowing do, forgetting it is mixing fabrics per Deut. 22:11, which is forbidding. To keep Set-apart to Yah Apparel actually Set-apart I must stand firm and not conform to false ways.
  • Where is the Blue Ribbon Option? In Numbers 15:38, the Hebrew word "Tekayleth" was translated in the KJV to mean blue, however, the "Tekayleth" means violet in Hebrew, not blue and even the concordance agrees. Why did the KJV use blue? The KJV is an Old English Translation of Hebrew Words. At the time of translation, blue was used to describe violet as violet contained more blue than red, it was only logical. However, this is corrected in the concordance which even describes this "blue" shade to actually be violet. There is an abundant of Historical evidence too! Set-apart to Yah Apparel can not and will not offer the wrong color. Choose none and add your own blue ribbon if you are still not convinced.
  • Color Options are NOT for multiple colored embroideries.
  • Color Options are NOT for multiple colored embroideries.
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Cotton Men’s Vest with Tzitzit Fringes (Customize Color, up to 47″ Long, Embroidery)


This garment is handmade, made to order.

“instock” on this website just means its available to be made.


USA Men’s Size Standards
Chest (inches)

X Small: 30-32

Small: 34-36

Medium: 38-40

Large: 42-44

X Lg: 46-48

XX Lg: 50-52

xxx Lg: 54-56


Hips (inches) 

X Small: 31-32.5

Small: 35-37

Medium: 39-41

Large: 43-45

X Lg: 47-49

XX Lg: 51-53

xxx Lg: 55-57

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Fabric Type

100% Cotton


2X, 3x, 4x, 5x, Large, Medium, Small, XLarge, XSmall

Thread Options

100% Cotton Thread


37 inches, 47 inches

Optional Fringes?

Knotted Cotton Fringes, None

Color - Cotton Twill

Black, Navy, Stone, White

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