(Pre-order) “Righteous Clothes Revolution” by Bayadwa Bahtyah


This book focuses heavily on Yah’s laws and culture written in the Tanak. Bayadwa Bahtyah is the author of this book. She has been serving the Most High YHWH for 23 years now. She was not influenced or associated with any congregation or group now or when she wrote the book.  You can rest assured that the focus was truth and not interpretation from man.

Bayadwa designs and produces all the clothes you see on As a Hebrew Israelite by nationality and a serious bible student she is also blessed to have Set-apart hands for sewing.

Like most Hebrews, she held the same standards as was taught to all Israelites concerning Hebrew clothes;

“Fringes & Blue ribbon on the skirt of our hem or shirt and don’t leave your house without it.”

Although, it sounds like solid doctrine, it has been grossly misunderstood. Due to extensive research, prayers, constantly making Set-apart garments and Yah revealing his truth concerning righteous clothes to her, she has gained a deeper understanding of Set-apart clothes than most. What she has learned will shock and also motivate you to embrace Hebrew Clothes. Once you learn the misinterpretations, false translation and the meaning of true Set-apart clothes, you will no longer desire to hold on to your past understanding of a Hebrew Garment. I urge everyone to please read this book to understand Zephaniah 1:8. Yah said he will punish us for wearing strange clothes.

What is strange apparel? This isn’t so easily explained. That is why this book was writting to reveal the truth and to inspire all who worship Yah to Represent Yah’s people as he has instructed, not as you see fit in your eyes. Watch the video “7 Torah Clothing laws your Elder “forgot” to tell you”. This is just a small portion of information you will learn in this book. Its available for free to listen and watch by visiting or watch the video on the front page of our website.

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Help us get this book printed and into as many hands as possible.

Let’s start this Righteous Clothing Revolution off right!

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