White Linen Prayer Shawl – Men (Customize)




100% Linen, Sewing using 100% linen thread, 100% linen ribbon on the extremities (kanaph), 100% linen tied fringes (knotted Tzitzits)

  • (44x64) pictured Choose smaller or larger sizes
  • Choose 2 embroideries for the corner of the prayer shawl
  • Where is the Blue Ribbon Option? In Numbers 15:38, the Hebrew word "Tekayleth" was translated in the KJV to mean blue, however, the "Tekayleth" means violet in Hebrew, not blue and even the concordance agrees. Why did the KJV use blue? The KJV is an Old English Translation of Hebrew Words. At the time of translation, blue was used to describe violet as violet contained more blue than red, it was only logical. However, this is corrected in the concordance which even describes this "blue" shade to actually be violet. There is an abundant of Historical evidence too! Set-apart to Yah Apparel can not and will not offer the wrong color. Choose none and add your own blue ribbon if you are still not convinced
  • Sewn using this thread
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Linen Prayer Shawl – Men

with violet (Tekayleth) ribbon & Knotted Tzitzits (Tied Fringes)



Rectangular shape with fringes on 2 ends.  Keeps the torah law in Numbers 15:37-40.  Traditional uses during prayers or to keep warm as a shawl.



The Bible does not command wearing of a unique prayer shawl or tallit. Instead, it presumes that people wore a garment of some type to cover themselves and instructs them to add fringes (tzitzit) to the extremeties of the garment (Numbers 15:38, Deuteronomy 22:12). These passages do not specify tying particular types or numbers of knots in the fringes. Nor do they specify a gender division between men and women, or between native Israelite/Hebrew people and those assimilated by them. The exact customs regarding the tying of the tzitzit and the format of the tallit are of post-biblical, rabbinic origin and can vary between various Jewish communities.

Encyclopaedia Judaica describes the prayer shawl as “a rectangular mantle that looked like a blanket and was worn by men in ancient times”.



Choose from the list of options


18″ x 72″

24″ x 72″

44″ x 64″

48″ x 68″

52″ x 72″

56″ x 76″ (more like a blanket)

60″ x 80″ (more like a blanket)


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Weight .75 lbs

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