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July 31, 2017      Comments Off on Righteous Clothes Revolution

Righteous Clothes Revolution

Join the Righteous Clothes Revolution today.


Rebel against Foreign Apparel. Don’t desire American clothes.

The shirt below is a Typical American T-shirt. Most shirts in America T-shirts  start out plain “Jane” like this one below. Its manufactured in high productions making it so cheap for all.


Many Israelites and foreign companies try to profit from you worshiping Yah by giving you this same American shirt with Yah’s name on it or the names of our Hebrew Israelite Tribes.

Do you accept this as a Set-apart Garment?

Yah Hates Babylonian Clothes

Why then are many Hebrew Israelites taking Common Mans T-shirt and adding fringes to it?












Below is an example of a True Hebrew Garment Made According to Torah Standards




Read my book

Zephaniah 1:8 – Righteous Clothing Revolution”

 [pg_sas_image product_id=9260]



The Righteous Clothes Revolution Needs You


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